By youth

For youth

Partnerships that define spac

SPAC has partnered with hundreds of Lehigh University students, several Lehigh professors and faculty members, and the Chattanooga Students Leading Change (CSLC) group to help push our efforts forward. It is our continued connections to young leaders from all across Pennsylvania and the rest of this country that make SPAC successful.

trusting the experts

Other organizations with the similar goal of re-engaging the youth in the political process are not youth-run. They recruit youth leaders on college campuses and make them to do what they think is best to stimulate youth participation. At SPAC, we know that to get the best results, we need to listen to the experts: the students who actually attend a particular college. They know what really matters to students there and how best to reach them. 


a mass movement

The great social movements of America's history were led by the youth. Staying true to time, SPAC knows that with the right organization, the right cause, and the right dedication, young people will yet again lead this country into a more prosperous time. Helping SPAC in this mission will help edge us closer to realizing this movement.

it's for you

SPAC cares about giving youth anything they need to make an impact on causes that matter most to them. Our organization is new, and can adapt to the needs of the group we exist to serve. To learn more, reach out on the "Contact Us" form. We'd love to be in touch!